Upcoming English Movies-Transformer: The Last Knight

Transformer: The Last Knight is a science-based upcoming action movie, which is based on the Transformer storyline.  This is the fifth edition of the Transformer movies. It is the sequel of the movie Transformer: Age of Extinction of 2014. The film is directed by Michael Bay and the story is written by Matt Holloway, Art Marcum, and Ken Nolan.

As this movie is the sequel of the Age of the Extinction, so in Age of Extinction, we have seen that after five years of the battle of Chicago, the general public became so fearful that the government decided to terminate all joint from the Auto robots. They created a division named Black Ops by CIA director Harold Attinger. They secretly started to destroy the remaining Decepticons.  Where in the other side in Texas, Cade Yeager a financially struggling inventor and his friend Lucas Flannery, found an old truck in an abandoned place and they buy it for reselling it after repairing it. But they found that the truck was none other than Optimus Prime himself and he was very injured. Cade repairs him and brings him life. In the meanwhile James and his military troop is in search of Optimus Prime. Before attacking them Optimus rescue Cade, Lucas, and Tessa. They all escape with Tess’s boyfriend Shane Dyson, but in between Lukas is killed. Meanwhile, Joshua found Transfornium and shows to Darcy. The brain was imprisoned to decode the mind of the fallen Transformers so that with the decoded raw material he can build human-created Transformer in Upgraded version. Joshua gave his prize as Galvatron to Darcy. In between many things happen, Galvatron activates himself and infect all KSI prototypes. Joshua flees to Hong Kong with Seeds. There Optimus and Lockdown have a huge fight, and finally, with the help of Cade, he wins the war. In the end, we saw Optimus flies into the sky with the seed and sending a message to the creator that he is coming home. 

Till now we have seen this story, Last Knight is the story of after Optimus flies to the sky, he went to his home planet, Cybertron, but now it is a dead planet. And he has to bring it to life but for that, he needs to find an artifact on earth. 

The movie Transformer is a science fiction action movie. Each movie is interlinked with each other. So I suggest before watching Transformer: The Last Knight, one should watch the previous parts so as to understand it properly. Today satellite channel provider like Dish TV giving us the opportunity to watch our favorite movie at any time. Now the question arises how to recharge Dish TV? It’s very simple just go to the Dish TV website and recharge it from there. So from now onwards you don’t have to ask anyone how to recharge Dish TV.

So once again Optimus Prime is coming with his new venture. Gear up with your 3D glasses. The fight is about to begin.