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Startup Strategy Building – Unemployment Checklist

Since many people dread the prospect of being unemployed, they will often hold on to a job beyond its usefulness to them. This article will address how to formulate a repeatable strategy for preparing to look for a new opportunity. The process is ongoing, and should be modified throughout the course of a person’s career search activities.

Whenever a period of unemployment begins, there are as many reasons for changing jobs as there are people who fill the positions. A first reaction for many people is to inject an emotional response to the situation, and to move forward without much preparation. This type of response can lead to prolonged frustration, lost opportunities, and an extended period of self-doubt. Though it is preferable to begin locating a new opportunity before being out of work, many people remain focused on trying to salvage the status quo, and riding out the storm to the bitter end. When a job ends, many people see the writing on the wall, but hold out hope for a positive resolution that does not materialize.

The following stages of preparation will help to clear the way for a more productive road to the next opportunity.

1. Mourn your loss, but limit the audience for your grieving process. Everyone dreads the potential loss of work, so they will most likely separate themselves from someone who is caught up in the negative emotional struggle with being unemployed.

2. While dealing with the situation emotionally, remember that there is no situation or reason for leaving a job that someone else has not already experienced.

3. Vent your frustrations with someone you trust, and blow out all your disappointments, explanations, and personal justifications for why this is happening to you. Pick someone who cares about you, and has the stamina to listen to your woes. If you have nobody else to tell your story to, talk with God, and ask him to explain why this is happening to you.

4. Assess your financial condition to estimate how long you can hold out without income. Look at all your existing resources including unemployment insurance, bank accounts, securities, credit, property, and any other monetary resources you can access. Examine all options for reducing your cost of living expenses, and cut those things you can do without.

5. As quickly as possible, go to God in prayer, and talk with Him about helping you deal with all the negative aspects of your current situation, and to reveal your part in the “big picture.”

6. Do not “spread the word” about what a horrible company you have finished working for. There are many good reasons not to do this, so keep the urge to defame under control.

7. Do not begin a serious job search until you can put all your negativity aside. You will know the time is right when you can see the current situation as a real opportunity for growth and change. Use the negative circumstances to formulate criteria for what to avoid in your next job. Formulate a resume that highlights the skills you want to use in your next job. Consider whether or not to continue the current vocational direction, or rearrange your skills to make a career change. Consider how to monetize what you want to do, versus what you think you have to do. Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction to Strategic Business Planning

Introduction to Strategic Business PlanningStrategic business planning is a must for every organization for its overall growth in the future. Business is something where one has to be bothered about the future and this is possible only by careful calculation of objectives that are practical and achievable. The aim has to be at increasing the turnover, whether small business or large, profit is the motive. Defining strategy is not a child’s play for which companies create their own team but if that doesn’t come out to be fruitful then you can seek help from consultants who have thorough knowledge of business market. Strategic planing begins with innovative thinking.

If everyone is offering the same product to the clients then how is your product better than others, and convincing your audiences regarding the same is a challenge. Competition is increasing day by day and your corporate strategy should be strong enough to transcend all national and international boundaries. It is important to learn from the past experiences and the professional consultant that you hire will do a complete study of your past and present strategies. They will also justify why those strategies have failed to give you desired results. The most important strategic business planning involves reading the mind of the customers, a business has to be clear in terms of what your clients actually need from you and will you be able to fulfill all their requirements in time.

If you hire these services then a team of professionals will be at your assistance who have the capability of improving your organizational structure. Strategic planning is important and the most amazing thing about it is that now even this can be outsourced. Every organization might not have a planner who can offer you strategies depending upon the change in the market place. For this you need someone highly qualified and who can understand all the happenings in the business world to give you hope of achieving the best. With innovation you can dream about the future and then create plans that can help you achieve them.

It is all about working hard and getting out of the comfort zone to exceed the organizational and customer requirement. Planning involves a few simple steps but how to follow them concerns strategy. Your consultant will analyze internal as well as external environment to draw your objectives according to that. It is quite an easy job to create plans but the most difficult of all is to monitor and control, all this is done through PEST, internal audits and SWAT analysis.

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